PR Can Fire Up Your Marketing!

PR is a Great Free Way To Increase Visibility

PR can be a terrific way to build visibility and credibility for your business. Many publications are looking for good articles and real news, so make it easy for them. When you send in press releases, be sure to write them strictly as facts, no advertising.

Include the 5 W's: the who, what, why, where, when, in the first two-three sentences. Always provide contact information and put a quick summary about the business in the last paragraph. Have an interesting headline or grabber. And if you have news that is worthy of a more in-depth article, make it easy for the reporter. Have a great hook. Tie it into national news or something timely. Keep your bullet points succinct and always be gracious with reporters.

Stress Express featured in Success MagazineBe sure to write the reporter a thank you email or note after the article is published. If you get enough articles out there, you could become a source to reporters. Two national media outlets  featured me as an expert on burnout: Investors Business Daily and Fox The best part? They found me on the Internet and contacted me about their articles! Success Magazine did a story on my new book Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers. The same thing can happen for you.

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Fire Up Your Business by Thinking Globally

Should You Be Doing Business Overseas?

Fire Up your business with global connectionsAs Thomas Friedman wrote, the world is increasingly flat. Recently, we entertained two dear friends from Nigeria. A day later, my husband spoke to 3 computer techs in Bangelore, India. Several of my friends and business associates from the Jacksonville, Fl. Chamber of Commerce leave for a trip to China next month. I just did a speaking engagement for a woman raised in Jamaica.

It truly is a small, small world. What does this mean for you and your business? First, consider whether you could be selling your goods and services to foreign locations. Next, evaluate whether there might be some strategic alliances you could form with overseas companies. And finally, consider the fact that leaders in the coming years will truly need to be multi-culturally competent. This may mean you need to invest in special training for your managers and executive team. Think progressively about the future- think globally. Build friends and alliances overseas; you never know what good things can happen!

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What’s In it For Them?

Focus on Customer Needs First and Foremost

All too often, as a CEO, entrepreneur, manager or leader, we are looking at our bottom line, our corporate goals, our sales forecasts. etc. Equally important is to focus on the needs and issues of our customers and clients.  What issues are they facing?  What is happening in their industry?  How can you help them meet their needs- even if it means referring them to someone else for business solutions you can't provide.

Becoming a resource for your clients, where you focus on what THEY need, makes you an invaluable partner in their success.  It may also mean you develop new products and services to match current demand and it may impact your future strategies in the marketplace.

Bob Burg's books on adding valueAdd value first to others, send them articles on subjects they are interested in, try to solve their problems, even if it means you don't do business together.  The more helpful you are and the more sincerely interested you are in them, the more they will remember you and refer you to others.

For more information on this concept, read Bob Burg's great book The Go-Giver.

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Get People Fired Up by Expressing Gratitude

Praise Others and Say Thank You

According to the US. Department of Labor, 46% of all people who quit do so because they felt they are not appreciated for the work they do. According to James Howard, 92% of workers say that when they finish a project, their supervisors say NOTHING!  88% of American workers never get a thank you for the work they do.

Thank you notes keep employees Fired Up!Now obviously, you are not that kind of leader or manager, but this data speaks to the very real need for positive feedback, often and in writing. Employees need to know you value their ideas and work.  Be sure to be specific about what they did and let them know you value them.  A simple quick praise on a post-it note, a hand-written card, or a laudatory email sent and copied to others make a big difference.  A $5 Starbucks card has big impact.  Stock up on small items your people value and use them often.  In this day of tough economies, you might not be able to give them a raise, but you can give them a well deserved thank-you.

Make it part of your internal retention strategy to actively acknowledge others' efforts. The rewards will be substantial.


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Toxic People Destroy Your Work Environment

Screaming man who is very stressed outThe Dangers of Toxic People

In his book, Social Intelligence, Daniel Goleman writes about recent brain research which is quite compelling. "One person's inner state affects and drives the other person.... We actually catch each other's emotions like a cold." The more significant the relationship, the greater the impact on the other person. This is why toxic relationships with people who yell or demean us truly make us ill, and why loving, nurturing people make us feel better.

Being with a highly positive person or a joyful young child is an immune system booster. Upbeat, caring co-workers who listen and encourage others are gold in the office. They make all the difference on stressful days.

The implications of this research on the workplace are staggering. You can no longer afford to let that bad apple with the lousy attitude stay on board. He or she is literally poisoning your business. Angry, hostile managers actually demotivate their employees. Social intelligence means giving undivided, caring attention to others, demonstrating interest and empathy. This is what builds relationships and what generates employee enthusiasm and loyalty.

Give careful attention to the relationships your people are building and the corporate culture you are promoting. Keep Fired Up! people around who inspire and encourage ithers and your organization will ignite with growth and goodwill.

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Update Your Marketing: Be Local, Social & Mobile

Last week, I had the privilege of attending three different seminars, one on social, local, mobile media from the Florida Times Union, one on corporate wellness from Welcoa's David Hunnicutt, and one on the huge changes at Google on line. This all happened in the space of 48 hours, so you can imagine how stimulated and Fired Up! I was from all the new ideas. Throughout this month, I'll distill key points for you and share what I've learned.

As Mike Blinder shared, a huge amount of people use smart phones for news, navigation, education and business information. Mobile advertising is rising faster than any other form, with 74% of buyers making purchases because of research they did on the Internet. Think about it- what have you used your smartphone for besides a call? Directions? Booking a flight, buying something on ebay? Many people are turning to a mobile optimized website. Doctors and dentists use them to remind patients of upcoming visits via text, restaurants and stores text specials and coupons and link you to their site. Since people spend 2.7 hours a day on their media device, 82% see mobile ads. Something to think about for your future marketing efforts.

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Resolving Conflict with Non-Violent Communication

Non-Violent Communication as a way to reduce stressOne of the most profound and powerful books I have ever read is Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. Written by a man who has negotiated between Palestinians and Israelis, gang war members, business associates and married couples, this book holds the key to getting what you want out of good relationships.

Seemingly simple, his concept has 4 major components for any meaningful conversations.

1. Observe what the other person is doing or saying without judgment or blame ex: "I heard you had a loud discussion with that customer. Sounded like everyone was upset."

2. State how we feel when we observe this action: "I get nervous when I hear difficult customer conversations because I am worried about us losing the business. Maintaining good relationships is very important to our work."

3. State your needs. "We need to keep every customer happy and add new business. Satisfied customers refer other customers.That's how we keep this company going. "

4. Make a request: "I'd like to help you deal with those difficult customers.  Next time an upset customer calls, would you be willing to simply listen,  let them know you understand and will get back to them and not lose your temper?  Then you can come discuss the issue with me and we'll resolve it."

The technique requires honesty, thoughtfulness and empathy, but it has very powerful results.  When I first started using the technique with my husband, we were amazed. Both of us used the tools, and  felt deeply honored and cared about. It has deepened an already rich relationship and I have seen the same thing with my clients.

Read the book and put it into practice- and let me know your great results.

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The Fraud Syndrome- Does it Plague You?

One of the interesting things about success is that many people don't feel they are worthy of it. In fact, they judge themselves harshly for past mistakes and use that as a reason to feel like a fraud when they achieve key goals or levels of success. Sometimes they end up sabotaging themselves and limiting their growth, all subconsciously.  One of the keys to overcoming the fraud syndrome is authenticity.


Be Authentically Yourself

Watching the tv show "The Glee Project," what struck me most was how the producer and casting agent wanted these talented young people to be just BE THEMSELVES.  All too often, people feel they have to fit into some mold to succeed.  We think we have to achieve a certain degree, look a particular way, dress in special clothes to be accepted and loved.

And the truth is the opposite. When you are truly yourself, you are your most loveable and approachable.  As people age, they tend to relax more and more, caring less about what others think of them.  That is incredibly liberating.  As Emerson wrote, "To thine own self, be true." Live life according to your values and principles, be the wonderful, unique and gifted person that you are and share the best of yourself with others.  The world will be a poorer place if you don't.


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Take Excellent Care of Your Customers

Shaking handsOne of the most important dimensions of any marketing plan should be customer retention. The best way to keep your business healthy is to take excellent care of your existing customers.

Even if the primary work you have done for them has been completed, check in regularly- at least once every 4-6 weeks.  Educate your customers, send them articles, post information on your website, send out ezines. Have lunch when you can.  Send them greeting cards.

A personal touch means so much.

Let them know you value you them. Always thank them for referrals- write handwritten notes and let them know how much you appreciate their business.

Never, ever, take them for granted.


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How Happy Are You? Greater Joy Starts With YOU!

You may think that when you get to a certain level of income, or find the right life partner, that you will be truly happy. But the research shows just the opposite is true. You need to be happy first, and then the success, relationships and accomplishment will come.

You may think that when you get to a certain level of income, or find the right life partner, that you will be truly happy.  But the research shows just the opposite is true.  You need to be happy first, and then the success, relationships and accomplishment will come.

The latest research out of Harvard on happiness is that the most successful business people, entrepreneurs, doctors and workers are happy first.  Our brains are actually wired to work at maximum creativity, resilience and effectiveness when we are in a state of relaxation and joy.  Consider this:

Doctors put in a positive state before diagnosing show 3x more intelligence and creativity & make diagnoses 19% faster than doctors in a neutral state.

Optimistic salespeople sell 56% more than pessimists. (Are your salespeople optimists?)

Happy students far outperform their peers on tests.1


So how can you get happier?

The old maxim “what you put your focus on manifests” is entirely true.   When I was researching and writing my book on stress, I was very attuned to stress; it was my focus.  And so, I attracted more of it into my life (subconsciously, of course.)  During the year preceding my stress book being published, my  sister–in-law died of melanoma, three girlfriends battled cancer and I faced some significant dental issues.

The contrary is also true.  Since I have been researching happiness, the quality of my life is significantly better.   My husband  got a great new job 7 months ago, my friends are coping well with their illnesses.  I still have some dental issues but they are being handled easily and effectively.  I am the one who made the switch  to be happier, and you can, too.



If you’ve been worrying about  paying your bills,  getting more business, or your health, a much better use of your time and energy would be to focus on getting happy.

Your health and cash flow will improve in direct proportion to your genuinely positive attitude and optimistic perspective.


Here are 3 quick ways to increase your happiness

1. Celebrate your successes- large and small. Create a victory wall at work Cheering women where you post achievements of any level- articles that have been published about you, your people or your company,  progress on work goals.  Praise others publicly and specifically, and encourage them to do the same.

2. Find something to look forward to.  In one study, people who just thought about watching their favorite movie had an increase of 27% in endorphins- just from thinking about it. Every time something stressful occurs, think about what you are looking forward to and shift your state of mind.


3. Do something you love to do for fun at least 3 times a week. Schedule in your favorite activities and don’t give them up- they will make a huge difference in how you joyful you are and how successful you are at work.

Your life  can thrive in all areas, but you need to thrive first.  Take the time to really focus on your own happiness and see how it impacts everything!

1. (Data from the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor)