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Managing Stress and Burnout: Quick Stress Management Tips from Author Snowden McFall

New study featured in the NY Times 8/17/09 says when we are stressed, we have tendency to employ the same coping mechanisms over and over, and they don't work. We are not trying innovative problem-solving, when we most need it. The rats they studied at Stanford for this report became resourceful and creative after just 4 weeks of rest and vacation. There's a major lesson for humans.

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Quick Ways to Relieve STRESS

go for a fast walk
do yoga or Tai Chi Calming Tropical Stream
pound a pillow
read a book- it cuts your stress by 2/3
drink a cup of green tea
record your successes for the past week
get in your car with closed windows & scream
write down all your anger and burn it
take a bubble bath with Epsom Salts
take a quick nap- things are always better later
dance it out
spend time with a happy small child
play lovingly with your pets
go to a funny or uplifting movie
garden or spend time in nature
hit baseballs in a cage
color or draw, preferably with a child
focus on the good; write in your gratitude

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