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Stress and Burnout Are Major Problems; Most Americas Do Not Have Good Work/Life Balance and need stress management strategies

80% of Americans are stressed and 50% need help managing it. Stress costs industry $300 billion annually. (Gallup) 60% of work absences are due to to stress and burnout. (American Psychological Assoc.) Career Builder says 78% of all American workers are burned out- not just stressed.
Americans tend to be overworked, and out of balance, dealing with too much stress and burnout. We don’t eat right or get enough exercise. Those dealing with severe stress and burnout need practical hands-on tools and stress management tips they can use right now.

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Fired Up! Keynote Speeches and Breakouts on Stress and Burnout

Stress speaker and burnout expert Snowden McFall offers highly interactive, practical presentations on coping with workplace stress,work/ life balance and burnout prevention.

Her most requested programs on stress and burnout are:

Reignite the Fire & Prevent Burnout™
How to Stay Fired Up in a Burnt-Out World™
Fan the Flames- Fire Up Your Team and Spark Productivity™

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Stress Speaker Snowden McFall Covers the Following Content in her stress and burnout speeches:

The Warning Signals of Burnout

Top Stress Management Tips for Instant Relief

Identifying Key Sources of Stress and Burnout

Using Humor to Cope with Stress and Burnout

Easy Relaxation Techniques

Instant Stress Busters and Long Term Tools

Articles on Stress & Burnout
by Snowden McFall

“WBO is comprised of bright, dynamic professional women and entrepreneurs. Like many business owners, these women frequently experience significant stress and hover near burnout. Your keynote program was ideal for this group. Your fun, interactive processes immediately engaged everyone’s enthusiasm. By teaching us active listening, you gave us another skillset and a way to cut stress. Your inspirational real-life stories touched us and reminded us to make a difference…. You gave us tools to put into action immediately….Snowden, you are a wonderful professional speaker. Thank you for a terrific job.” Patsy Underwood, President, Atlantic Laser Office Products