The Find Your Happiness Package

The Find Your Happiness & Dramatically Improve Your Business Success™ Package



If you want more powerful results in your work and your life, happiness is a path to get there. In this program, Snowden not only gives you awareness and concepts, but gives you tools and exercises to increase the happiness in your life….Snowden has had people in this series more than double their happiness score — some even tripled it! If you want to have more “happy” in your life, I’d definitely recommend this.”  Ava Diamond

The Find Your Happiness Package Includes:

• 5 different Find Your Happiness mp3 recordings or CD’s filled with actionable content

• a 12 page Find Your Happiness Workbook filled with practical tips, tools and exercises to help you regain your joy, increase your happiness and expand your optimism

• 2 Group Coaching Question and Answer calls on Happiness

• weekly emails on happiness for 1 month after the order

• The free report: The Top 20 Tips to Get and Stay Fired Up!

• A Free Chapter from Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers

“Snowden’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Right away, I knew I wanted more of that in my life. This audio has been invaluable. In a few short weeks, her practical tips, tools and excellent coaching have made a big impact in my life. Wow! I am regaining my optimism, working fewer hours and having more fun. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants more happiness, joy and success.”  A.B.

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