Stress Express

Stress Express! Instant Relief Package

The ideal toolkit to help you overcome stress with research-backed hands-on techniques.
Starting with the Stress Express  burnout test, the Stress Express book plus 3 great audios including an instant relaxation audio, playsheets and more.

Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers- the Book

StressExpressmockupLRseStress Express! will help you:

  • Determine how close you are to burnout
  • Do more of what you love on a regular basis & create a more fulfilling, joyful life
  • Take immediate action to reduce your stress levels
  • Create strategies to prevent future stress
  • Overcome past limitations and break negative stress habits
  • Promote your positive self-esteem
  • Apply 10 quick tips for staying “Fired Up!”
  • Quickly digest and apply the short, easy to read chapters

Stress Express! Will Help You Take Charge of Your Stress Immediately

Because of the many stressful occurrences in my life over the past decade, I set out to study the research on stress relief so that I could improve my life. I had several friends battling cancer, my sister-in-law died of melanoma at age 41, my father had a stroke and then died a year later.  I needed tools and techniques to overcome my stress. What I learned really surprised me; there are so many easy ways to relieve your stress that we don’t even think about. And they’re all research-backed. I’ve used them myself and as a 30 year entrepreneur, expert on stress and motivation, I can tell you these are very effective.

Carrie Wilkerson with SnowdenAs a busy mom of four and home-based business owner, speaker, author, PTA President, church member…(you get the idea), I was excited to get my hands on this book. Full of great examples and actionable ideas, I can immediately implement several of these practical suggestions for decreasing my stress level!  (The chapter on optimism alone is worth the price of the book!) Carrie Wilkerson, On-Line Marketer, Author, The Barefoot Executive

Bob Burg and Carrie

“Wise advice from a very wise teacher regarding one of the most vital and important aspects of our life. Listen to Snowden and live a life much less stressful…and much more joyful.” -Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver and Endless Referrals

The Stress Express! Instant Relief Package Includes:

  •  The 76 page Stress Express book: Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers
  • The Stress Express Instant Relaxation™ Audio download – 20 minutes of peace!
  • Overcoming Holiday Stress™ Audio download – 60 minutes of practical ways to cope with the unique stresses of family holidays
  • The 60 minute audio “Stress and Change: Moving from Fear and Frustration to Fired Up!” webinar replay
  • The Stress Express Burnout Test™ to see how close you are to burnout
  • 15 Fun Favorites™ Playsheet to help you do more of your favorite activities
  • Stress Express™ Affirmations to keep you on track

Stress Express!  Instant Relief Package for you- 
a $125.95 value- only $59.95 StressExpressmockupLRse

STRESS EXPRESS! Instant Relief Package

STRESS EXPRESS!  Instant Stress Relief eBOOK  Package 

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