Fired Up! Home Study Course

The Fired Up! How to Succeed by Making Your Dreams Come True

Home Study Course

The step by step guide to helping you clarify your dream and make it come true, with guided visualizations, motivational stories, practical tips and tools to  accelerate your success.

“Snowden’s wisdom and expertise truly impacted my business in a very positive way. We have used her excellent Fired Up!  book to guide us and I can’t imagine where I would be today without having had that boost early in my career…  It is one of the main reasons we have grown to nearly 2,000 people strong with sales of about $8 million annually.”  Lisa M. Wilber, Avon Sr. Exec. Unit Leader

joy jump from Snowden McFall's happiness classSome dreams that have come true from people I have worked with include:
• raising $8,000 in 24 hours for a non-profit
• being hired as a physician as an immigrant
• making six figures as an on line coach
• traveling the world speaking to youth
• finding a loving life partner with similar values
• getting a dream job teaching youth music
• flying million dollar aircraft
• running an 8 million dollar Avon business



Here’s What You Get:

• 7 audio cds with highlights from each chapter, new stories and new research
• 263 Page book– which has sold over 65,000 copies worldwide
comprehensive workbook with all book exercises and charts to help you achieve your dream
•1 DVD to show you how to animate your dream collage
• plus 2 individual  one hour coaching calls with Snowden (a $500 value)
• 1 Q&A group call with Snowden 

  You’ll learn to:

•  In 1 simple exercise, immediately clarify what you want & don’t want
•  Tap into the power of your natural enthusiasm to do what you love on a regular basis
•  Easily discover your true life purpose and  create a more fulfilling, joyful life
•  Crystallize your dream in vivid detail  through visualization
•  Explore creative tools like dreammaps, dream collages & dreambuilding
•  Make progress on your dream with the powerful & easy “Fired Up!” Action Plan
• Use affirmations & action options to accelatate your success & overcome myths
• Avoid the biggest mistakes that can thwart your dream
• Ignite your fire and sustain enthusiasm with 37 power principles of success
• Expand your self-definition and  positive self-esteem by using  the circle of completion
• Ask for help clearly and courageously and tap into others’ expertise
• Overcome challenges in innovative ways & do the seemingly impossible
• Stay inspired by the hundreds of real life success stories throughout the book
• Discover how you can make a real difference in the world

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The Fired Up! How to Succeed by Making Your Dreams Come True Home Study Course™  by Snowden McFall

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