Snowden McFall, host of Ignite Success TV, is a 25 year professional speaker. She coaches leaders in confident public speaking, on line and on stage.

Everything is going online these days.
You’re a successful professional woman with great skills and talents.
You bring value to the world and you have good information that others need.
You want to be effective on line, provide value, sell well and make a difference to those you serve.
You want to advance in your career, be well-respected, and/or grow your business.
What you want are easy to apply tools and techniques to reach your goals and achieve your success NOW.

If you’re ready to be effective online, provide value, sell well and make a difference to those you serve,
then join me for “Ignite Your Online Speaking Success – Look and Sound Your Best On Camera !” 

Does any of this sound like you?

  • The idea of presenting on FB live or Zoom or a webinar is overwhelming and nerve-wracking
  • You’re normally confident, but when you speak in front of others, anxiety undermines you
  • You read your Powerpoint® slides, instead of adding value by engaging your viewers
  • You deliver your information clearly, but you don’t make sales
  • You present fairly well, but you fail to influence or enroll your viewers

If this is you, then it’s time to shift from nerves to be effective on line, provide value, sell well and make a difference to those you serve.
Imagine speaking on line, with authority, providing much-needed value, selling your products and services with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm.
That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to my 3 week,
6 session online group training.

“Ignite Your OnLine Speaking Success – Look and Sound Your Best On Camera !” 

Snowden McFall speaking with Audiance members


Here’s are the results you can expect when you’ve completed this course:

      • As an effective presenter, you make money online in webinars, virtual stages or summits
      • Whether on Facebook live or a large Zoom call, your confidence and content adds value to your audience
      • You excite your audience with your powerful opening, delivered with real confidence and enthusiasm
      • You address your audience’s pain points and give them practical solutions, with insight and compassion
      • You expertly deliver your Call to Action so your audience takes the next step or buys your product
      • You use testimonials and meaningful stories to provide credibility and illustrate key points
      • You actually enjoy being on camera online- you know you’re making a difference to your audience

“Ignite Your Online Speaking Success” is for You

If you’re ready to start presenting online, regardless of the platform, so you can:
• Advance in your career
• Grow your business
• Serve higher end clients
• Confidently and authentically provide value through your wisdom.

Kelly Youngs

The coaching Snowden does is nothing short of amazing! I’ve seen her coach women who were already good speakers and make them incredible.  I’ve also seen here coach a monotone speaker and teach her  speech structure, vocal variety and storytelling so moving that the audience cried. Time and time again, she helps women soar to the next level.  Her caring approach, coupled with specific strategies and her Fired Up! enthusiasm all add up to astonishing results. You’ll learn so much from her.”  Kelly Youngs, Founder and President, “She is Fierce”

Session 1 – Why Your Message Is Needed Today Now More Than Ever

  • Unearth the enormous power of purpose: know your “why”
  • Harness the #1 secret of speaking: it’s ALWAYS about THEM
  • Instantly capture the audience’s interest through compelling stories
  • Tap into the MUST DO keys for success by truly knowing your audience’s needs and delivering GREAT value

Session 2 – You’ve Got 30 Seconds or Else They’re Gone…

  • Intrigue the audience from the very beginning – WIFT (What’s in it for them). Hint: the Carrot
  • Master 7 surefire opening strategies and choose the perfect one for you
  • Make people laugh and relax throughout your program
  • Powerfully and effectively ask for the order or make an offer without seeming slimy or “salesy”

As a television journalist, I need to speak confidently every day.  I’ve given over a hundred speeches through the years and felt I was doing a good job.  But after working with Snowden, I went to a whole other level.  Her techniques, tools and positive encouragement enabled me to go from good to great. The feedback from everyone was just different and I know implementing Snowden’s suggested changes made all the difference.  People felt I truly bonded with them and raved about my authenticity, energy and moving stories.  Snowden really knows how to make women shine on stage. She’s a terrific coach. Melanie Lawson, Anchorwoman Channel 4 WJXT, #1 station in the market

Melanie Lawson - Jacksonville newscaster @ WJXT

Session 3 –  The Heart of Your Speech: Valuable Content and Signature Stories

  • Deliver outstanding value to your audience with compelling, relevant information
  • Paint a dramatic picture of possibility for the audience using benefits, not features
  • Craft your speech so you address their most pressing needs and heal their pain points
  • Fascinate the audience with powerful storytelling, to hold their attention and help them imagine their own success

Lakesha Burton small shotSnowden’s McFall’s coaching, videos and books have been invaluable to me.  I’ve learned how to breathe, relax, stand more in my power and release tension. In particular, her coaching enabled me to tell my story in a compelling and moving manner, which truly touched the audience. From pacing, vocal variety, audience interaction and more, I learned to use the power of my voice to make a difference and change lives .”  Lakesha Burton, Assistant Chief, Sheriff’s Office

Session 4 – Harness the Power of Your Voice

Woman using megaphone

  • Avoid the Number #1 vocal mistake women make which destroys your credibility
  • Get your audience to lean in when you’re sharing key points and emotional moments
  • Innovative techniques for cuing your content without memorizing
    (which is a HUGE mistake)
Joey Scharf

“I’m creating a series of on-line videos for my business and Snowden’s coaching has been invaluable. From body posture and controlled movement to vocal variety to key content, Snowden has helped me enormously. As a tv show host and frequent webinar presenter, as well as a 25 year keynote speaker, Snowden understands exactly what needs to happen on camera to be effective.  I’m still in process, but I have improved significantly with her help.  Snowden is so supportive and constructive; she’s amazing! Joey Scharf, President,


Session 5 –  Master Your AV So That It Doesn’t Master You

  • Create a powerhouse home studio without spending a fortune- including lights and mics, virtual backgrounds and more
  • Accent your presentation with humor and exciting images and NOT a boring Powerpoint®
  • Master online technology tools so you’re a pro on Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.
  • Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake, demonstrating your authenticity & relatability
  • Create great viewer participation by using fun and interesting polls and actvities

Worried womenSession 6 – Never Let Them See You Sweat

  • Project a self-assured, professional image no matter what, encouraging your viewers to trust you
  • Psych yourself up before you present- prepare yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Fire people up every time you present so you’re likeable and unforgettable
  • Connect authentically with individual audience members so they trust you and buy from you



About Snowden McFall

Snowden McFall, professional speaker, tv host, corporate trainer, and 6x author, is owner of 25 year old Fired Up Professional Speaking and Coaching.  A business expert who speaks on motivation, burnout, public speaking and women’s issues, Snowden has authored and co-authored 6 books, including Fired Up!, which has now sold over 65,000 copies. Her newest book is Stress Express: 15 Instant Stress Relievers. She is frequently on ine leading webinars, giving virtual keynotes or Facebook lives.

• Host of the tv show, Ignite Success!, featuring inspirational women leaders
• Received President Obama’s Presidential Volunteer Service Award
• Featured as expert on burnout and stress in Investors Business Daily, and Success Magazine

• Selected as a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine.
Appeared on CNN Financial News, Bloomberg Small Business and the Home Shopping Network,
   as well as 326 tv and radio shows

• Named the National Women in Business Advocate of the Year by the Small Business Administration for her work
in co- founding the non-profit organization – Success for Women Entrepreneurs. This resulted in a White House Ceremony and a Congressional Luncheon in her honor.
Snowden has been speaking for over 25 years and has addressed several thousand professionals in companies like Pepsico, Pfizer, Vistakon, Fidelity National Financial and more.

She loves coaching women to be effective online, provide value, sell well and make a difference to those you serve. 

Here’s what’s included in this course- a $2,800 value

• Six  power-packed one hour interactive webinars (and recordings) with Snowden designed to make you effective online, selling your products and services, adding value and making a difference
Session 1: Why Your Message is Needed Now More Than Ever
Session 2: You’ve Got 30 Seconds or Else They’re Gone
Session 3: The Heart of Your Speech: Valuable Content and Signature Stories
Session 4: Harness the Power of Your Voice
Session 5: Never Let Them See You Sweat
• An online private Facebook group where you can share with other participants, and ask questions and post success stories.
• Email access to Snowden for questions and help

Quick Decision Bonus – Sign Up by June 1-  Set Your Fire Ablaze!
Private 1-1 Coaching with Snowden – a $700 Value

Now that you’ve learned the skills necessary to be confident on line, it’s time to apply them.  You’ll prepare a 15 minute on line presentation for Snowden and she will work with you privately- one to one,  via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.  She’ll watch your body language and gestures, listen to your voice and speaking style, analyze your stories and content, and help you take your presentation to the next level.  This will be the highlight of your course and provide you with highly practical, positive feedback to help you claim your confidence and excel in all your online and offline speaking.

Quick Decision FULL PAY  By June 1 Bonus:

Product image of The Happiness ClassThe Find Your Happiness & Dramatically Improve Your Business Success™ Package- a $297 value

  • 5 different Find Your Happiness mp3 recordings filled with actionable content
  • a 12 page Find Your Happiness Workbook pdf filled with practical tips, tools and exercises to help you regain your joy, increase your happiness and expand your optimism
  • The free report: “The Top 20 Tips to Get and Stay Fired Up!”
  • A Free Chapter from Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Reliever

If you are FIRED UP and READY to:
be effective online
provide value every time
• sell your products and services and earn money
• make a difference to those you serve, 

then I invite you to join me in this transformational online group training!

Yes, I’m ready to be a confident online speaker, advancing in my career and growing my business!

I understand with my investment, I’ll receive the following worth $2800:

  • Six one hour interactive webinars and recordings with short and interesting assignments – presented over 3 weeks, two sessions a week, so I can start excelling on line immediately
  • an online private Facebook group where I can share with other participants, ask questions and connect
  • email access to Snowden on my specific speaking issues and needs

If I  take action and order by June 1, 2020,  I will also receive the bonus private 1-1 coaching with Snowden on my specific on line presentation – a $700 value
If I take action and pay in FULL by June 1, 2020, I will also receive the Find Your Happiness & Dramatically Improve Your Business Success- a 5 mp3 recording package- $297 value

Have a few questions and want to talk to Snowden?
Email her at

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If you’re ready to be effective online, provide value, sell well and make a difference to those you serve, then join me for “Ignite Your Online Speaking Success – Look and Sound Your Best On Camera !”

Melissa Ross

Snowden, you coach these women to perfection. What a difference! You definitely have a gift at transforming speakers to a higher level.  Melissa Ross, Media Personality

For questions, call 904-200-6995 or email