This transformational training is for entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals who want more joy, success, and happiness in their lives.

Find Your Happiness! And Dramatically Improve Your Business Success

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Are You Ready to Regain Your Joy?

Does this sound familiar to you?

You have your own business, but even though you are making money, you’re not happy. You were so sure that being a profitable entrepreneur would bring you joy and satisfaction, but it hasn’t.

• You’ve worked for years and years. You finally land that BIG account. Initially you’re elated, but after a few days, you go back to feeling empty. Now what?

• For a long time, you’ve been looking for the ONE- that great relationship which will finally make you happy. And you found that perfect life partner. But after a while, the joy doesn’t last and you don’t know why.

• You studied for what seems like forever. You just knew getting that Ph.D would make you happy, make your life successful and joyful. But it hasn’t. There is a vague sense of dissatisfaction inside.

• You are the ultimate giver. You take care of everyone, you work hard, you do tons of charity work, you go to your kids games and you work hard on being a great life partner. You work so hard to make others happy that when they aren’t, you feel deflated and worthless.

You have what should be the”ideal life.”  You’re married, have kids, have a good job but there just isn’t much fun in your life. You don’t look forward to getting up each day. It’s all the same routine.

Here’s the good news. All of that can change- starting right now.

My name is Snowden McFall and I’ve been researching and speaking about stress and happiness for well over a decade. There are over 200 studies on 275,000 people on happiness and I know from experience that you have exactly what it takes to be happy and successful.

In the recent happiness and success teleclass I taught, more than half the participants doubled or tripled their happiness score in just 4 short weeks! You can too!

Consider this:

• Doctors put in a positive state before diagnosing show 3x more intelligence and creativity & make diagnoses 19% faster than doctors in a neutral state.

• Optimistic salespeople sell 56% more than pessimists. (Are your salespeople optimists?)

• Happy students far outperform their peers on tests. (The Happiness Advantage)

I know from personal experience how all of this works. As you can see below, I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured on national television, appear on 325+ radio shows, be featured in international magazines and newspapers. I was truly humbled to be honored at the White House for my non-profit work helping female entrepreneurs and have been blessed to have over 65,000 copies of my first book, Fired Up! sell worldwide.

But while I was researching and writing my most recent book, Stress Express, I forgot something important. The old maxim “what you put your focus on manifests” is entirely true. When I writing my book, I was very attuned to stress; it was my focus. And so, I attracted more of it into my life. The year preceding publication, my sister–in-law died of melanoma, three girlfriends battled cancer and I faced some significant dental issues.

Since I’ve been researching happiness, the quality of my life is significantly better. My husband got a great new job 2 years ago, my friends are coping well with their illnesses. I still have some dental issues but they are handled easily and effectively. I made the switch to be happier, and you can, too.

If you’ve been worrying about paying your bills, getting more business, or your health, a much better use of your time and energy would be to focus on getting happy. Your health and cash flow will improve in direct proportion to your genuinely positive attitude and optimistic perspective.

Fired Up bookStress Express About Snowden McFall, MAT Author Snowden McFall is professional speaker and the owner of 30 year old Brightwork Advertising & Training and 18 year old Fired Up! Professional Speaking. A business expert who speaks on motivation, stress management, optimism and presentation skills, Snowden has authored and co-authored 5 books, including Fired Up!, which has now sold 65,000 + copies worldwide. Her newest book is Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers.Snowden’s volunteer work for women entrepreneurs has garnered her national media attention. The Small Business Administration named her National Women in Business Advocate of the Year which led to a White House ceremony & Congressional luncheon in her honor. Inc. Magazine later chose Snowden as finalist for ”New England Entrepreneur of the Year.” Snowden has appeared on 320 radio shows, CNN Financial News, Bloomberg Television. She was recently featured in Investors Business Daily and Foxnews.com and Success Magazine. She recently received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Obama.
Bloomberg Investors Business Daily CNN Success MAgazine March 2011

Find Your Happiness & Dramatically Improve Your Business Success!™


 Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.” — Mildred Barthel

In this 5 CD/mp3 audio and workbook course, you will learn: 

the keys to true long-term happiness
the direct correlation between our happiness and our effectiveness at work- what the research says and how to apply it to your business or job
• which particular activities bring you joy and which sap your energy
• how to deal with feelings of overwhelm in a positive, constructive manner that you can access again and again
• how to change your destructive habits to be healthy ones
• what direct steps you can take to be more optimistic everyday
• how gratitude plays into happiness and how to access it more readily
why your happiness CANNOT be dependent on the actions of others
• how to have a happier relationship with your spouse or significant other, making you both feel more loved, appreciated and joyful
• how to change your attitude to be more supportive of a healthy life by consciously choosing how & what you eat, what you drink, how you spend your leisure time & how you exercise
• how to have greater joy, abundance and peace of mind

Key #1 Know What Makes You Happy 

If you truly want more joy and success and your life, you need to closely examine it and become what I call an “objective detective.™” Learn:

• what activities and people bring you joy

• what brings you down, angers or upsets you

• when you are in your most joyful state and why and how to access that again and again

• what happens to your happiness levels when you’re exercising or playing sports

• highly practical hands-on tools and techniques that have been validated in research to be effective and proven tools to help you become happier and less stressed

“Snowden’s happiness course has been an instrumental tool in helping me re-shape my approach…. She provides solid facts and statistics to back up her discussion pointsEach provided high takeaway value and action items that were easy to instantly implement. I was consistently impressed and amazed at the simplicity of the steps it took to quickly redirect my mindset to a more optimistic approach. Jessica Thomas, Thomas Marketing Consulting

Jessica THomas
Paul Evans If you know Snowden, you love her because of her energy, her integrity and the way she lives life with such joy.…She has a spirit that is so encouraging and really makes others feel welcomed, gifted and talented. She is able to spot the best in people and make them feel valued. You are going to learn from her. ” Paul Evans, author and speaker, http://www.paulbevans.com
“Snowden McFall is the real deal – it is impossible to be in her presence and not feel uplifted, transformed, and inspired. Her strategies have helped people around the world move forward in their lives with greater resiliency and hope.This course will make a real difference in your life.
Get to know Snowden and get ‘fired up’ – once you have Snowden in your life, you’ll never let her go!” Ann Vertel, Entrepreneur Mindset & Success Psychology Expert http://www.annvertel.com
Ann Vertel

Key #2 Cultivate Optimism to Make More Money

Did you know optimists live 7 years longer than pessimists, have less disease, less stress and sell 56% more than pessimists? It’s true. Having an optimistic attitude can make a huge difference in your life and your bank account. Discover:

• how pessimists think and why it hurts them
• how optimism make a HUGE difference in your bank account
• what happens to your breathing when you are an optimist
• how to specifically become more optimistic every day

Greg Jackson “Snowden’s happiness and success classes provide great value for those battling tension and worry. It’s amazing how much more you can achieve when you are optimistic and no longer stressed. Snowden’s substantial expertise provides essential tools that allow you to have what you want and to increase joy and success.” Gregory M Jackson, Independent Pharmaceutical/Business Consultant http://www.GregoryMattJackson.com
” After listening to Snowden’s class, I discovered that with some very small actions on my part, I can bring my relationships to much happier level…. I realized I am so busy building my business or helping others, that at times I let my personal happiness and ‘me time’ suffer for the sake of others. Snowden is by far one of the most down-to-earth and engaging teachers… This course will transform your life and a powerful way!Kathleen Smart, International Business Academies of Learning http://www.ibalnet.com Kathleen Smart


Key #3 Find Something To Look Forward To

One study found that just by thinking about watching their favorite movie, people’s endorphins increased by 26%!
• what specific activities you love to do & whether they cost money or not
• how to plan fun upcoming events which you can look forward to
• how to make most any weekend one you can look forward to
• how anticipation of good things strengthens your optimism and helps you relieve stress

Ava Diamond “It’s been proven that if you want more powerful results in your work and your life, happiness is a path to get there. In this program, Snowden not only gives you awareness and concepts, but gives you tools and exercises to increase the happiness in your life….Snowden has had people in this series more than double their happiness score — some even tripled it! If you want to have more “happy” in your life, I’d definitely recommend this.Ava Diamond, speaker, www.feistywomenrock.com


” Snowden’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Right away, I knew I wanted more of that in my life. This audio has been invaluable. In a few short weeks, her practical tips, tools and excellent coaching have made a big impact in my life. Wow! I am regaining my optimism, working fewer hours and having more fun. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants more happiness, joy and success.” A.B., Business Executive & Class Participant

Key #4 Cultivate Newness 

In his book The Charge, Brendon Burchard shares some terrific ideas about happiness and staying Fired Up! One is try new things. Our brain is hardwired for nvelty and challenge and needs to be engaged to thrive. Here’s how to have more new in your life:
• 90 day getaway – every 90 days go away and explore someplace you have not been, doing new activities.
• Restaurant tour; explore restaurants you have never visited, try different kinds of food
• Spend time with new people – go to different networking or social events and broaden your circle.
• Develop new skillsets – my husband and I just installed a new glass tile backsplash in our kitchen. It was challenging but fun, and we love the results. 

“Snowden McFall is an excellent mentor with an extraordinary personality. I truly enjoyed her “Find Your Happiness and Dramatically Improve Your Business Success” ; I found it very inspirational. Snowden shares simple, easy to implement, yet powerful tips and techniques. This course is the must for everyone who wants to live happy and fulfilled life. Silvia Pencak, Business Branding Expert www.SmallBizAssociation.org Silvia Pencak
Joe Montano “Another gem from the wonderfully talented Snowden McFall. Always standing in the service of others, she blends her personal experiences with empirically-based research and insightful questions that engage participants in ways that result in actionable steps for increasing the level of happiness in their lives. Snowden reminds us that no one is in control of our happiness, but us! Joe Montano, Licensed Psychotherapist

Key #5 Use Your Strengths in a New Way 

Most people focus on improving their weaknesses. But growing your strengths is a key to happiness. (from the Happiness Advantage) Take the Via Character Strengths Test test at http://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/default.aspx
•what are your top 5 strengths
• learn how to use your strengths differently and improve your happiness quotient
• how using your specific talents at work can make all the difference
• why valuing yourself and your uniqueness is a key to happiness

Jane Buttom “I first met Snowden a few years ago and fell in love in an instant. She has wisdom, energy and a spirit of joy surrounding her that can’t help but get you Fired Up! In our fast paced world, we face challenges and stress every single day. Snowden gets you through the maze and on to the happiness and joy you deserve. Snowden’s happiness class is a powerful way to move from stress to joy and success. Spend any time with Snowden and you will be transformed forever. Jane Button, Your Product Business Coach www.Design2MarketSuccess.com

Happiness CDs


What You Get with the Find Your Happiness Package:

• 5 different Find Your Happiness mp3 recordings or CD’s filled with actionable content
• a 12 page Find Your Happiness Workbook filled with practical tips, tools and exercises to help you regain your joy, increase your happiness and expand your optimism
• 2 Group Coaching Question and Answer calls
•weekly emails on happiness for 1 month after you order
• video posts on happiness
• The free report: The Top 20 Tips to Get and Stay Fired Up!
• A Free Chapter from Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers

Why Should You Invest in the “Find Your Happiness Package?”

We’ve all had challenging times in our lives, and we’ve all experienced heartache, disappointment and depression. But the scary thing is that the World Health Organization is predicting by the year 2020 that depression will be second only to heart disease in terms of world ailment. You can prevent that. I want you to be happy, prosperous, healthy and joyful. Happy, optimistic people are successful and effective in the world; they give back to others, they make a difference in their communities and in the world.

My mother was terminally ill from the time I was 6 until I was 21 when she passed away. Sadly, she suffered a great deal both mentally and physically during those 15 years. And some of that was in her control. She could have made significant changes in her life to be happier and healthier but she did not. My dad, who was an alcoholic until he died, could have made significant changes in his life and activity to live longer and healthier. Sadly, he died last year. I learned from those experiences that it is up to me to take care of myself and to take action to be happier every day.

Imagine this:

• You jump out of bed each morning filled with energy and enthusiastically greet your family and the day, looking forward to a great day ahead.

• You have a loving, joyful, romantic relationship with your partner, where you feel treasured and appreciated.

• You are healthy, active and vibrantly alive, loving being outside in nature and connecting with a sense of peace and well-being.

• You laugh easily and often, even in traffic jams and stressful situations. You have positive coping tools that you use when needed.

• You feel grateful and blessed every day.

What would this be worth to you? Priceless, right?

This program usually sells for $497. For a limited time, for only $397, you can learn how to have this kind of life and increase your joy, success and prosperity. That’s the cost of four nice dinners out, or 2 night’s stay in a fancy hotel – a very small price to pay for your joy, your happiness, your success.

Yes, Snowden, I want to be happier, more joyful & more successful.

I want to purchase the Find Your Happiness Package. For just $397, I understand I will receive the following:

• 5 different Find Your Happiness mp3 recordings or CD’s filled with actionable content

• a 12 page Find Your Happiness Workbook filled with practical tips, tools and exercises to help you regain your joy, increase your happiness and expand your optimism

• 2 Group Coaching Question and Answer calls on Happiness

• weekly emails on happiness for 1 month after the order

• video posts on happiness

• The free report: The Top 20 Tips to Get and Stay Fired Up!

• A Free Chapter from Stress Express! 15 Instant Stress Relievers

All of this : an $1197 value for only $397

Yes- I want to invest in the Happiness Package for $397

I can even pay in 2 installments if I contact you….

I look forward to chatting with you on the Q &A coaching calls and can’t wait to hear your stories of how happy you are. Feel free to email me at any time at orders@FiredUpNow.com. Email me to set up a payment plan.Wishing you every happiness!All my best-Snowden