Dream Collages that Work!

Wilber collagelrCreate a Vision of Your Success

Dream collages are powerful visual tools that help you make your dreams come true.

I myself create a new collage regularly and the one I created in 1989 had so many positive results that I was hooked.  Everything on that collage came true within 2 years, including me finding the love of my life and getting national media attention for my business.  The one shown here is of one of my students who went on to become an $8 Million dollar Avon woman. Dream collages work

Here's what should be on your collage:

• key words and phrases that inspire you

• images of your ideal life, personally, financially, spiritually, professionally

• a picture of yourself right in the middle, and if you are married or have a family, include them in the picture

• images and words that inspire you

If you would like to use software that helps you create an audio-video multi-media collage in a very easy way, go here: http://ow.ly/bGqFT


Good luck. Now is the perfect time to get started!

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