Overcoming One of the Biggest Stressors

Fear of the Unknown Creates Significant Anxiety

fear of the unknown is a big stressor

Fear of the unknown often plagues employers and employees alike, as well as parents and teens. Whether you’re a CEO concerned about payroll, or a caretaker wondering how to handle your parent’s latest medical crisis , fear of the unknown can absorb far too much of your time and energy. Not knowing what will happen and then projecting worry, or worse, catastrophizing, is a huge stressor for those who don’t know how to handle it.

Here’s what you can do to handle this stressor:

  1. Do a reality check. Worried about cash flow? Check your numbers carefully. Analyze receivables and projections, bills and outflow. If there truly is an issue, consider renegotiating agreements with vendors, tapping into a line of credit, or asking for help. Whenever you contract about money, make a written list of all you are grateful for right now. What are all the blessings in your life? Review them. That will shift your focus off of lack and into abundance. We create more of what we focus on.
  2. Put your attention on the present moment. One of the biggest stressors is worrying about the future, of what could happen. Most of the time, we cannot control what is going on in the world; we can only control our attitude. Stay optimistic and handle what you can right now, in your immediate future. Visualize a good outcome. The more progress you make today on your highest ROI activities, the better tomorrow will be.
  3. Take control of something small where you can see an immediate result. That might mean cleaning off your desk and filing all your documents. Or washing the dishes. Or completing a short report. Do something that gives you a sense of completion, and that will help you reframe your sense of futility and powerlessness. It will also get your moving physically, which shifts the negativity.
  4. Analyze challenging times in your past. How did you prevail? What or who got you through them? Reference previous successes and coping strategies, and employ them now to help you deal with the most recent stressor.

Know that you are incredibly resourceful, capable and powerful, when you set your mind and heart to it. Get clear about what’s happening, ask for help, tap into your resources and previous strategies and you will thrive, no matter what the future brings.

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Amazing Women Making a Difference

Today is International Women’s Day and there has never been a better time to recommit yourself to having an impact. Whether you know it or not, you do touch lives and inspire others, often without realizing it. By acting with integrity, being true to yourself, leading with courage and expressing kindness, you are a role model and an instrument of change.

A Few Great Women Doing Just That

One of the exciting new aspects of my life is the Ignite Success TV Show I am shooting every week, where I get to profile inspirational women leaders and provide a 5 minute motivational message.

Last week’s show was so powerful because each of these women has made a huge difference in the world and continues to.

Kristin Keen, who started Rethreaded, a non-profit which gets women who have been human trafficked off the streets, into a full-time job, with support and therapy, was completely Fired Up! She shared that Project Runway All Stars had featured her non-profit on the show that aired in January, and Southwest Airline had donated enormous quantities of supplies for her women to turn into saleable merchandise . Rethreaded is now selling gorgeous gifts and accessories which change lives. And they have a new corporate gift program..https://www.rethreaded.com

Ju’Coby Pittman has been the CEO/President of the Clara White Mission for 25 years and is the incumbent Councilwoman for District 8. She has been working to improve Jacksonville for over 30 years; by feeding the homeless and implementing vocational training programs for veterans, ex-cons, and the homeless with amazing results. With projects like Clara’s at the Cathedral, a meal service catered by her people, and White Harvest Farm, an organic farm on the north side, Ju’Coby’s work has impacted thousands! She’s appeared on Oprah and the Today Show.http://theclarawhitemission.org/

You, too, make a difference every day, whether you realize it or not. Every smile, every kindness, every time you help another, you are changing lives. Never forget that you have an impact and a purpose. I believe in you!

Ellen Wiss, philanthropist and president of Homekor Florida, is the co-founder of Read USA, which is dedicated to eradicating poverty through literacy. 2/3 of all children who struggle to read by 4th grade end up in jail or on welfare. This organization mitigates the problem by proving book fairs where children get to pick out their own books which they get to keep. This is so critical because 2/3 of homes in poverty have no books at all. This year the organization will host 35 book fairs and they need volunteers and donations.$10 will provide 3 books to a child. $100 willl provide books for 30 children. To donate or volunteer, go to https://www.readusainc.com


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4. Jacksonville-based Rethreaded featured on ‘Project Runway’

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©2019, Snowden McFall, Fired Up! You may reprint if you credit me with content