Cut Your Stress: Starting Work after Vacation

One of the hardest things to do when you return from vacation is face your computer, your email, your inbox and your desk. Try these quick tips tips to get maximum effectiveness and productivity on that first day back.

1. Clean your space off. If your desk is overloaded with mail, reports, cards, etc. you won’t be able to concentrate.  Quickly skim through the mail to see if there is anything critical from clients or vendors.  Everything else put aside for review during downtime.  Work with a clean space so your mind is focused and relaxed.

Man overwhelmed with photos2.   Email- scan it quickly to see if there are important client messages.  Read  these; everything else leave until lunch or a break.

3.   Social Media- Skip it until you take a break. You can spend lots of time there.

4.  Inbox- Again scan over all papers, reports, etc and focus only on those critical documents that have to be handled today and which impact your clients.

5. To Do List- Prioritize the top 6 most highly leveraged activities, those things which will bring in new business, service an important client, connect you to key people. What activities bring in money?  Do those first.

Make your clients and your business acquisition work top priority.  Do what your boss deems most critical as well.  Attend to everything else at lunch, during your low productivity time.  Do your highest leveraged activities first and you will find you have made the most of your return day back.