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Give the Gift of Your Presence

Me and Cinderella Be Here Now In the US, we celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday.  My own mother died when I was 21, after a long terminal illness.  I still miss her delectible meals, artistic talent and haunting beauty.  While she … Continue reading

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Dignity and Respect- For Yourself and Others

Helping Others Needs to Be a Two Way Street Most of us have been raised thinking it’s appropriate to be generous, kind, loving and helpful to others.  In in today’s world with so much suffering, we are increasingly asked to … Continue reading

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Heroes Among Us…

There are Good People Everywhere You may have read about her or seen her on Ellen®. The story of the the young waitress in Concord, NH who paid the bill for two furloughed women from the National Guard. That meant she … Continue reading

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Conscious Acts of Kindness

A great many studies including one on 2000 people found that being kind to others decreases stress and enhances mental health.  Pick one day this week and choose to deliberately commit 5 separate acts of kindness.  These should be chosen … Continue reading

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